General Conditions of Sale MEDIA SERVICE SRL


Commercial relations between Media Service and its customers are governed exclusively by the following general conditions of sale, excluding any other non - written agreement; simply placing an order on-line implies acceptance in full of the conditions hereunder.



Media Service exclusively sells to:

  • hardware and software retailers
  • system integrators
  • software houses
  • video game retailers
  • photographic equipment retailers
  • retailers of electrical household appliances, televisions and sound systems and photographic equipment
  • aerial installers
  • anti-theft system installers
  • electricians
  • entities which, pursuant to applicable trading legislation, are authorised under the ACTIVITY heading of its Certificate of Incorporation for the retail sale of information technology, electronic and consumer goods and audio-visual and/or photographic support media and equipment.



Media Service shall not be liable for any direct and/or consequential damage or loss deriving from the sale of the goods and services offered in the catalogue published on the website , including any delay and/or failure to deliver the product, for the correspondence of such goods to the specifications published on the website or for any other event beyond Media Service’ s direct control.


4-Technical Information

The technical information on the website is taken from information published by the manufacturers of the goods included in our catalogue. Media Service reserves the right to amend/update technical information and dimensions of catalogue products as provided by the manufacturers, even without prior notice.



Orders shall be accepted only and exclusively sent in writing, by fax, mail or e-mail (so called “non IT”, handled by Media Service .’ s personnel), online ( so called “on line”) or received electronic form. Customer entering an “on line” order, at the end of the ordering procedure, will receive by e- mail a communication confirming the receipt of the order and the details of the relevant "order number". “On line” orders will be displayed five minutes after being placed and may be freely amended by the customer for up to twenty minutes after being entered. For “non IT” orders, customers must verify the receipt and any confirmation of orders by connecting to the website: in the section dedicated to customers under the heading "order tracking". “Non IT” orders may be freely amended by the customer for up to twenty minutes after being entered. With reference to orders received electronic form the orders confirmation communication procedure will be agreed with each single customer.

Customers may request that goods be delivered on a different date, postdating the originally accepted date. If the new date falls more than 5 days after the original date,Media Service Srl will not reserve products for more than 3 days prior to the requested date, being understood the availability of the goods at that date.



All prices indicated in the price list column on the website are the list prices to the end user – excluding VAT – gross of any discount reserved to the user. The sale price is as indicated in the order confirmation. If no discount is specified, the order confirmation will state the "net sales price" to the retailer – excluding VAT.
The prices and discounts may be amended at any time without prior notice.

For sales of goods to customers in S. Marino in the territory of San Marino, pursuant to Ministerial Decree dated 24.12.1993, a copy of the invoice duly stamped by the San Marino Revenue Office must be returned to the registered office of Media Service within four months after the sale of the goods. If the copy of the invoice is not returned, the competent Authority will be notified pursuant to the aforementioned regulations.

Media Service reserves the right to amend prices at any time without prior notice. If a price is published in error, i.e. 50% or more below the correct price and/or in any event it is obviously wrong and/or clearly derisory for whatsoever reason (errors in our system, human error, etc.), the order may be cancelled, even if initially confirmed, and the product will not be delivered unless the customer decides to proceed with the order and agrees to pay the correct price.


7-Availability of Products

The number of products available in Media Service stores is displayed in the product catalogue published on The website, in the "availability” area, which is updated every 30 minutes between 7 am and 6 pm.

Since free access to the website and the option of placing orders “on-line” may modify product availability in real time, Media Service does not guarantee the assignment of an ordered item until the order is Not confirmed by email.


8-Despatches and Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, products are dispatched for delivery throughout europe by the purely indicative deadlines of 24, 48, 72 hours, by carriers selected by Media Service or other entities on its behalf. Delivery costs are charged to the customer in the invoice.

In this case, and only when the delivery cost is charged, goods are carried at the risk ofMedia Service In the event of theft/loss,Media Service undertakes to send a new product, or should it be unavailable and/or out of stock,Media Service may propose a different product, with equivalent characteristics, with the option for the customer to reject the new product and request a credit note for it. In the event the carrier is appointed, in any capacity, by the customer,Media Service shall not be liable for loss and/or damage to the product from the time of consignment of the goods to the carrier at its own stores.

The guideline delivery deadlines indicated above may change for reasons of majeure force or due to traffic and road conditions in general, or by act of an Authority. Delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties, is by lorry during business hours from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


9-Risk and Ownership

Goods are sent prepaid and insured by charge on the invoice; if goods are sent carriage due according to the customer’s instructions, the risk is borne by the customer from consignment of the goods to the carrier at Media Service stores.On delivery of the goods,customers must verify that the packages are intact and correspond in terms of quantity and quality with the information in the accompanying documents (delivery note). Any non-conformity must be notified on the same accompanying document and confirmed within 7 calendar days by fax or registered letter with return receipt to Media Service for attention of the referenced vendor. Even if the packaging is intact, goods must be verified within seven calendar days of their receipt. Any defects caused by damage during transit must be notified in writing by registered letter with return receipt to the carrier with a copy to Media Service, within 7 calendar days of receipt. Any notification after the aforementioned deadline shall not be considered and shall not have effect. The customer is responsible for all declarations made.



Goods supplied must be paid for by Paypal/CC or irrevocable bank transfer, in advance, and confirmed, excluding any other conditions, which must be agreed in writing with Media Service srl in order to be valid.

The bank details for transfers are:

IBAN: IT56Z0200815304­000010913011

IBAN: IT88S0100515300­000000004571

Media Service reserves the right not to dispatch the goods, including after accepting the order, to clients that have exceeded their credit limit or that owe "outstanding" amounts, who are "in dispute", or who attempt to pay by unconfirmed and/or non-irrevocable bank transfers.


11-Obligations of traceability of financial flows – Art.3 L.136/2010

Media Service operates in compliance with the obligations in Article 3 of Law No. 136/2010 as amended by Articles 8 and 9 of Decree-Law No. 187/2010, for the purposes of ensuring the traceability of financial flows in supplies and services to the public. If orders come within the scope of application of Law no. 136/2010 as subsequently amended and supplemented, customers must comply with all the provisions of said law, expressly indicating the tender identification code (CIG in the Italian acronym) or if provided by law, the single project code (CUP in the Italian acronym) and the references of the Tendering Authority, providing any cooperation necessary to enable Media Service to properly fulfil its legal obligations. Customers must pay for goods supplied exclusively using payment instruments guaranteeing full traceability of transactions with Media Service, as provided by aforementioned Article 10. Violation of the provisions of this Article and/or in any event of the prescriptions of the Article 3 in Law No. 136/2010 as amended and supplemented, shall result in cancellation of entitlement to this agreement pursuant to law.


12-Right to cancel orders

Customers may request the cancellation of orders or part thereof. Media Service reserves the right to accept or reject said cancellations. Cancellation requests (and their acceptance) are made using the online form for cancellation of order lines.


13-Returned Goods

Returns of goods to Media Service must be requested using the form, indicating the reasons for the request, quoting the details of the invoices and/or the consignment note and shall be expressly authorised . Returns of goods are subject to authorisation and "online" assignment of a "return number" within ten business days of the date of approval of the return request.
Returned goods may be subject to deductions (see amounts in the online return form) if the product:

  • although perfectly intact (sealed), ______________________ (an end of line product no longer available from our supplier) or (a back to back product but purchasable in expressly on receipt of the client order) at the time of entry of the return request
  • is declared open
  • is declared unopened via the on-line form whereas in reality it was open
  • reaches Media Service more than 7 business days after the time the return was authorised

Returned goods must be in perfect condition, in their original packaging, and sent carriage paid to our stores, quoting the assigned return number on the document.



Any errors in despatch or absence of items must be notified in writing, and/or online, by the methods and deadlines indicated in point 9.



Purchases of equipment from Media Service implies full acceptance of the guarantee conditions of the manufacturer, which are beyond the control of Media Service. Therefore, customers should be aware that goods purchased will be guaranteed by the manufacturer under the conditions provided by the latter, and accept, without any reservation, all the guarantee service provision formalities of the manufacturer, including with respect, purely by way of example, to the entity managing the guarantee, including if other than Media Service. To this end, customers will find details of the identity and domicile of manufacturers and the guarantee conditions they apply on the Media Service website


16-Processing of Personal Data

Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003, customers acknowledge that “personal data” communicated and/or exchanged, including during pre-contractual information stages, will be processed pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, for the purposes and effects of Article 24, paragraph 1 letter b) as subsequently amended and supplemented of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003. It is understood that customers expressly consent to the transfer of their “personal data” as provided by Article 43, paragraph 1, letter b) of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, and its communication and dissemination.



The Court of Teramo shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes which may arise.



The conditions in this document may be amended without prior notice, and shall be valid from the date of their publication on the website:


As provided at Article 1341 of the Italian Civil Code, customers declare they have read the aforementioned Conditions of Sale and all points therein attentively and after close perusal, have expressly accepted all clauses, including specifically the following onerous clauses: Art. 3 ("Liability"), Art. 5 ("Orders"), Art. 6 ("Prices"), Art. 7 ("Product Availability"), Art. 8 ("Despatches and Delivery"), Art. 9 ("Risk and Ownership"), Art.10 ("Payments"), Art. 11 ("Obligations of traceability of financial flows – Art.3 L.136/2010"), Art. 13 ("Return of Goods"), Art. 14 ("Complaints"), Art. 15 ("Guarantees"), Art. 17 ("Disputes").

These conditions were updated on June 25th 2016